Date posted: April 7th, 2017

We’re excited to announce that Wilderness guests will soon be able to step into the amazing world of virtual reality to battle hordes of sinister robots in an epic VR adventure where you don’t just play the game – you live it!

In our NEW CYvrSPACE Virtual Arena, participants will “suit up” with the most advanced wireless VR equipment on the planet, engineered to allow them to literally “step inside” the game. A lightweight, haptic tactical backpack, equipped with high power rumble engines, will send every gunshot and explosion thumping through participants’ chests like they are actually in the cyber world. Guests will dodge bullets like Neo and become the hero of their own story.

According to Chris, our resort’s Attractions Director, “The best part of our new CYvrSPACE arena is that players won’t have to be gamers with mad twitch controller skills. In CYvrSPACE, a participant’s body is the controller so they are completely free to move, twist, duck and dodge at top speed, controlling all of their character’s actions with one-for-one movements of their body just like in the real world. If a participant moves – their character moves. It’s as simple as that.”

Chris adds that our new CYvrSPACE Virtual Arena will be a multiplayer, cooperative virtual reality experience with over 50 levels of game progression, new enemies, bosses, and challenges that keep participants innovating right to the very end. There will also be numerous weapon upgrades and power-ups throughout the game that will keep things constantly evolving and fresh.

How is all of this possible? Well, it’s been said that the three most important things about virtual reality are – tracking, tracking, and tracking. And, when it comes to tracking, our new CYvrSPACE system will literally be the best in the world.

Our CYvrSPACE tracking will be so accurate and fast that if participants move their character just the width of a needle in the game, their motion will be precisely mirrored in the virtual environment in under 20 thousandths of a second, before their brain can even register the movement. Now that’s fast! And with this type of high quality tracking, for the first time in the history of virtual reality, participants will actually feel like they are truly inside the game. CYvrSPACE will offer true zero latency and hyper accuracy to the point that first-time players will be quick-stepping around the virtual environment within moments of entering the arena.

The new CYvrSPACE arena will replace the space currently occupied by Wild Buccaneer. Wild Buccaneer will permanently close on Sunday, April 23 at 3 p.m. in preparation for this new venue. The cost of CYvrSPACE experience will be $20 for 12 minutes, and it is being recommended for children ages 10 and up. Please watch our social media outlets for construction updates.